Shree Moni
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bonjour beau!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away called Moni (located right outside the Sentier in Paris), there was a young girl by the name of Shäri, who set out to create the perfect footwear collection for women, Shree Moni. Inspired by the “glass slipper” story told to her as a child, she knew how important the shoe is in making a woman feel divine. Shäri wanted to design a shoe that with each step made a woman exude blossoming femininity and perfect splendor. ShreeMoni celebrates the female form, the vigor of self-defined style, and the exploration of expression, its all about feeling pretty, well-heeled and gorgeous. Soon the legend of Shree Moni will travel the land and women across the world will want to feel fabulous. Aren’t you glad you are one of the first to know…..

Shree Moni….the feminine step


chicago shoe expo 2008

Shree Moni is a hit in the Windy City!


! in the news !

Heaven has its own area code…..

Shoe heaven is here on earth as Saks 5th Avenue opens “Shoes on 8th” an entire floor of their New York store dedicated to shoes with its own Zip Code!! A first in the world of fashion. 1022-SHOE is wear collections of shoes to die for are displayed awaiting your trip to the shoe “mecca”.


and we’re off…

We are packing our boxes and loading up our shoes to fly out tomorrow to the beautiful “City of Lights”  for the Chicago Shoe Expo. This will be the first debut for the Spring 2009 collection and we are too excited!


moni quote

"Heaven is so much closer when you are wearing stilettos"


Let there be light….

Sleek, vivid, clean imagery with a Parisian accent is what we wanted to create in today’s photo shoot for the Spring 2009 collection, titled “Spring in Paris”. The concept for the shoot is to display the strong feminine presence of the line, the intricacy of the constructions, and the detail of the pieces & hardwear. We want to give buyers and viewers a story line to follow - let us take you right into the land of romance and fairytales with each step you take…

Voila! Take a peak at what we came up with….stay tuned for more!

Special thanks: Hannibal Matthews